Slots Auszahlungen

The rate of payment is also important to the payment of the game, there is no significant person in the RTP slot. For example, paying 12 other rewards can be 0% for all rewards except for the jackpot in the slot machine, and this can lead to confusion. If the hit item is 4000 times, the result is 1 time 4000 times and the result of the game is 100% RTP, but this is a very boring game.


The table of possibilities for each slot machine is also known as PARS, Accounts Payable and Reel Strip. PARS helps the player understand the psychology of the slot machine. For example, if you have 13 payouts in the game in the range of 1:10 to 2400: 1, it indicates that you are paid 1: 1 for every 8 turns. Between 5: 1 and 2, all 33 are changed: they are paid every 600 turns. PARS data sheets are generally confidential and are never exposed by developers or manufacturers. However, all of your favorite online games PARS datasheets can be made available online. Even so, slot machines usually have eight to twelve different programs in different payouts, so they are not really worth the athletes.


Slot strategy

Since slot machines are a game of opportunity, there are no strategies and techniques to implement. On the other hand, there are some very useful tips and suggestions for players who want to spline their slots.

Slot Jackpot:

Adhere to slots with fewer jackpots

If you are a Ground Casino player, the less likely you are to reach a slot machine jackpot that offers millions of jackpots, the less popular it is. For this reason, because you are more likely to induce them, you must have a slot machine that has a jackpot range of $ 1,000. These small jackpot slots are known to pay better bonuses more often.

Do you know when to walk?

You can lose in other casino games. If that is the case, change the fate to continue playing another slot or stop switching.

Abort processing

If you’ve been on a winning march, or have won a mere jackpot, roaming inside and out is a good idea. The more you play, the more likely you are to lose (or at least most) win. In any casino game you have to move forward.

After the pattern

You should always follow the pattern of wagers to ensure that you receive the rewards. For example, if you always start with the lowest conditions, you are betting every time you spin. If you win, then you do the opposite. + Betting pattern is not guaranteed (slot slot pattern is not guaranteed because it is 100% random) but this is likely to increase risk.

Maximum gambling protection

It denies the last chip, but it is a different style. The goal is to get the best bet so you can get higher rewards. This is an online video slot required, because some bonuses can not occur if the player does not gamble up.


Slot machines are also known to have ‘taste’. The taste is the amount the game pays to allow everyone sitting in the slot machine to participate in the game. The logic is simple: if a player loses a bet without returning, they eventually move away from the boring game. The taste is usually a 1: 1 or 2: 1 payment.

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