Slot machine: the set of rules

The rules depend on the slot machine. Each slot machine has its own set of rules in the game. For online slot machines, players can view it by clicking “Game Rules”.


Max Bait Only Bonus

Some bonuses and jackpot triggers can be activated or deactivated until the player makes a maximum bet.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols vary from game to game and other symbols can be changed. These wildcards do not replace other bonuses or symbols.

Trigger Jackpot

The jackpot is triggered when the player receives a certain combination of symbols on the victory line of the game. It can be found within the due date.

Acid Map

Distributed symbols are scatter symbols and are special symbols that generously reward players. Could cause a free spin. Free Spins means that the player can get a free spin at the slot for free. Players are usually triggered when they receive 3 scytas on a reel.

In addition to these rules there are some etiquette rules that players must remember when playing in the ground casino or providing a place for their own holes.

If there are no people in the venue and casino, the player can play two slot machines side by side. Players who play two slots that are full and the player is waiting for their position should end the session.

Some players like to click the repeat button if they think they are good
Happy casinos and venue buttons or other players become very unstable, so they are usually quickly depleted.

I want to meet another player Turn the reels and the desired player must have a chair between them and the player unless they want to play in the slot machine next to the player. If not, ask the partner to leave the contact.

It is okay for a party if you make a big profit or a great success, provided you celebrate too long. If you make a big profit, you should take care of the caregiver for you. This is common courtesy.



If you are looking for a slot machine with a chair, you should leave the slot machine intact. This shows that someone had to play in the slot machine and not have to go to the bathroom to drink, he feels that hole is good for him. Move the chair and let it sit for up to 10 minutes before you sit down.

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